A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Want a break from daily life? How about keeping up with your pending bills with grueling physical labour.

Help farmer Jim keep up with bills in an ever-changing agricultural market.

How to play:

When dirt is highlighted you can plant a seed by left-clicking on your mouse, when standing in front of it.

Press Q to water plants when they are flashing red.

Press E to harvest produce with your hoe. Don't harvest plants before they are ready, they aren't worth anything.

Certain crops sells for more money than others.

There is a timer telling you when Jim's next bill is due. His mortgage is $100 every twenty seconds.  If his account goes to zero or below, the farm will be foreclosed by the bank.

Use the mouse to control the way Jim is facing.

Team Name:

Team Minimal Viable Product


produce_pending_windows.zip 26 MB
produce_pending_linux.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

The executable and the .pck file has to be in the same folder, otherwise the game won't run.

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